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How to choose a good translation agency

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cze 2 2015

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There are many agencies on the market that offer translations. Just search the internet or Business Panorama (Panorama Firm). What separates the good ones from the others? What should guide us in deciding on proper translation agency?

The quality
The decisive factor in choosing a translation agency is the quality. While there are many agencies that offer the lowest prices on the market, be aware that you will pay many times in many ways for poor translations. Every time someone reads this translation, your company will be shown in a bad light. So how do we know that the agency we choose, provides the highest quality services? Below are some questions you should ask:
How does the agency selects translators? What qualifications do translators have? What is their experience?
The translator working on your order should have professional education and a good knowledge of the area that concerns the order.  If you need legal services, make sure that the translator has registered business. However, the experience is much more important than formal education. Sometimes the best translators do not have a degree in translation. Translator should translate only into their mother tongue and should live in a country where the language is used.  Alternatively, take note of the fact if translations are checked (subjected to correction) by a native speaker.

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How to make sure about the quality of the translation?

Is a translator corrected linguistically and substantively? It should be always like this, unless the translation is for within the company use, or maybe you have someone who could provide such  translation check. A good agency also has a strict system of quality management, interpreters are selected.
Do you use translation memory?
This becomes increasingly important and many agencies use such systems.  Translation memory is a database used by so-called programs for computer-assisted translation (CAT). This software analyzes the translation that the translator had already done. When a translator translates the next, the program searches the database and verifies if such sentence has not been previously translated. If so, the program inserts a sentence already translated into the text. A good agency will check it anyway, to make sure that the context is correct, but you do not have to pay twice for the same translation. When you update your documents or you have several similar documents to translate, you can save a few hundred zlotych. However, do not compare this translation with the translation done by the program or the computer. All translations are physically done by a person.

The price
When choosing a translation agency the price is secondary issue. Remember that you can pay a lot for a poor translation, which theoretically costs less, but it has to be corrected by someone else. You are risking a loss of credibility and reputation of the company, and this cannot be measured.