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The benefits of XTRF Management System

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cze 3 2015

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The intention of XTRF ™ authors was to create the software that not only coordinates and streamlines the current job, but enable the company absolute development. This will create an opportunity of cooperation with other technological tools and to implement larger and more complex projects.
XTRF ™ in JBoss Seam Framework technology. Selected solution not only provides a high level of security, scalability and performance, but above all, it significantly facilitates the further development of the system, minimizing the time needed to create additional functions. Over a hundred, new, consistent with AJAX components makes the system even more intuitive and easy to use and allows you to adjust to the preferences of the most demanding users.
The most important changes in the system are visible in three main areas:

1. Communication with partners - integration with technology. The system's technology allows the rapid integration of the XTRF ™ with additional tools used in translation agencies: accounting systems, CMS, CAT tools, CRM. As a result, any company develops freely their services and thus more effectively and efficiently can handle the most demanding customers.

2. Flexibility to market challenges.  XTRF ™ 2.0 enables efficient execution of both simple and more complicated multi-translation projects. Projects on a few hundred files, lasting for a long period of time and involving many subcontractors are clearly ordered and supervised by a new panel - Project Manager Dashboard. On the other hand, smaller, recurring projects can be run in just minutes with built-in project templates and automatic project procedures (workflow).

3. Daily work comfort. XTRF ™ 2.0 also introduces a new, more user-friendly interface, new project management panel functions and the possibility to define different views of the data. The program in an efficient and intuitive manner, organizes files and email correspondence related to the project, client or subcontractor. It automates stages of the project, ensures the efficient flow of information between the departments of the company and allows you to define and create various reports and resolutions.
A more detailed description of the new product can be found at In May, XTRF ™ is also launching a series of webinars, during which will be presented another applications of the system: project management, analysis of the company's business decisions, the profitability of cooperation with customers, financial analysis, ISO 9001 certification to and other features.