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CAT tools - what is it?

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cze 1 2015

Cat tools

Cat tools (Computer Aided Translation) are computer programs that assist the interpreter and facilitate his work. We cannot confuse translations done with the use of CAT tools and machine translations (piteous Google Translate and other inventions).

The brain is still the most important organ while translating in CAT program.

The program segments the text and remembers the translation in the form of translation memory.  If in the future a similar fragment appear in the text, the translation memory will suggest the interpreter already saved solution.
The most popular CAT programs are: SDL Trados, Wordfast, Metatexis, OmegaT, MemoQ, Deja Vu. They differ in functionality, but the basic principle is similar. A good translator is like a good driver - will drive any car, but better with one car and worse with the other.

You can also easily come to the conclusion that translation database is like a translator who creates it.

CAT does not replace the expertise of an interpreter but only facilitates his work. It helps to maintain vocabulary consistent and does not allow to omit fragments of the text.

The advantages of CAT tools:

vocabulary consistency
the ability to unify the large translation projects
shorter deadlines
no omission of the text
the possibility to use client's vocabulary
the ability to integrate dictionaries and other language resources
and many others
Therefore, it is worthwhile to use the services of translators who use the latest tools, because it proves that they want to develop skills.